All our services are designed to deliver you excellent creative outcomes and value, as well as building your organisational capacity to achieve Great Fundraising growth.

To enquire about any of our services, please email or call +44 (0) 7881 285 514.

This section lists our bespoke services, provided to single clients. 

For our open, ticketed events, please visit our seminars page.


We undertake constant research into the Great Fundraising Organisations. Much of this is case study based action research, but sometimes we commission academic research. Please click here to request a copy of the Great Fundraising Report we commissioned from Professors Sargeant and Shang.


We can provide training on Great Fundraising for your board/trustees, CEO and executive team, whole staff and volunteer team.  Our research has shown that the Great Fundraising organisations are the ones where the whole organisation is proud of its fundraising.  Our training helps you achieve this.  We can also provide specific training events and programmes for fundraising teams.

Consulting and Mentoring

From strategy to campaign planning, team structure to systems and culture to creative, our hugely experienced consultants have only one aim:  to help you build your organisation’s capacity so you can turn yourself into an even greater fundraising organisation

Creative Seminars

Our flagship seminar is the 'New Ambition Laboratory', often known simply as 'the Why?'  Our creative team work with you, and representatives from across your organisation, to create and agree your brand-level fundraising proposition and a tree of propositions for future campaigns.  Once appropriate people are trained, this is normally the first step in developing a Great Fundraising Programme.

We also offer a range of more focussed creative seminars in particularly areas of fundraising and campaigning.

Bespoke Seminars

We offer tailor made versions of our seminars, around the world.  Some of the most popular topics are:

  • The New Ambition - setting the right ambition for your charity

  • Fundraising for non-fundraisers - tailored programmes training boards, leadership and other departments in what they need to know for fundraising to flourish. Learn more here.

Creative Development: Branding

Our creative and strategy team can help you create a new brand, designed to work for fundraising and campaigning growth.  Please note that in some countries, this service may be delivered in conjunction with our local partner, associate or subsidiary. 

The term 'branding' in this context can apply to:

  • An organisation's top level-brand.

  • An identity for an integrated campaign.

  • An identity for a major fundraising appeal.

Creative Development: Communications

Either in seminar, or as an agency service, we help you create impactful, powerful communications to criteria proven by research and testing to work.

Relaunch and Mission Development

If times have moved on, or your organisation has lost focus, we can help you redefine, focus, redevelop or re-launch your mission.  The first stage in this will be a seminar, with consultancy to follow.

Culture Development

The Great Fundraising Organisations are the ones where the whole organisation is proud of, and supports, the fundraising team.  We can help you measure your fundraising culture. If your organisation is internally conflicted about fundraising, we can help you can change culture in three ways:

  • leadership training and behaviour.

  • systems development to create a supported focussed culture.

  • create a training programme for you to use for everyone in your organisation.

Strategy Development

Although we all know that culture eats strategy for breakfast, sometimes it is necessary to develop a strategy to unlock appropriate investment in fundraising.  It's best if you write this yourself, but our team can help you.

Implementation of Great Fundraising

There are five core elements of a Great Fundraising programme, and we have experts who can support you in all of them.  Services range from full service agency to consultancy and coaching.  The five pillars are:

  • Individual giving, including cash appeals, monthly giving and mid-value programmes.

  • Legacies (bequests, planned giving.)

  • Corporate fundraising.

  • Major donors.

  • Community fundraising.

Agencies and Consultancies

We have several agencies and consultancies as clients as well as partners.  Sometimes they provide our services to their clients and sometimes we work with them to develop their business.  In some cases we have gone as far as investing and providing support to help them grow.