Alan Clayton Associates specialise in helping organisations achieve 'Great Fundraising.'

Alan Clayton Associates is a Scotland-based global business offering seminars, creative and consulting services to charities, non-profits and NGOs. 

Our aim is that all our clients build their capacity and become Great Fundraising Organisations:  achieving large scale, sustainable, mission driven fundraising growth.

We inspire: Energise your teams to increase organisational belief in fundraising, from the board to across the whole organisation.

We focus: Drive you to find and create your best fundraising ambition, proposition or brand position and unite your organisation and strategies behind it.

We co-create: Our creative and strategy teams develop appeals, campaigns and fundraising programmes with your team, utilising our unique seminars, workshops and creative execution methods.

We train: Professional fundraising learning for Boards, CEOs, execs and directors in fundraising leadership.  We also train fundraisers in a wide range of skills, knowledge, techniques and attitudes.

We support: We supply ongoing consulting and coaching to achieve no-compromise in achieving your great fundraising goals.

Organisations we work with include charities, non-profits, NGOs and other social purpose organisations.

We have worked with over 350 organisations worldwide and have bases in many countries.  Please click here to see if there is a representative near you.

Our residential training centre is at the Inch, Loch Ness, Scotland.